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To ensure successful completion of any endeavor, one's concept of the path from inception to completion must be both sound and sensible. The following outlines the approach Magic Mind takes in project development:

Problem Assessment
  Meet with project management personnel (PMO) to determine their view of the problem and its history
  Q&A session with PMO to ensure understanding of problem and past solution attempts
  Meeting of Magic Mind staff to research and brainstorm possible solution implementations

Solution Proposal and Contract Award

  Magic Mind staff develops proposal complete with projected deliverables list, timeline, budget, and deliverables payment schedule
  Meet with PMO to present proposal
  After incorporation of any agreed comments, contract is awarded to Magic Mind

Initial Information Research

  Magic Mind is introduced to subject matter experts (SMEs) and available information resources
  Magic Mind performs further research to prove viability of proposed solution and develops questions to present to SMEs that will clarify project deliverables

Outline Development and Approval

  Magic Mind develops project outline based on research and SMEs responses
  Magic Mind meets with PMO to review project outline draft
  Input from PMO results in project outline refinement and approval

Project Development and Delivery

  Meet with PMO to apply timeline to project outline and to establish agreed milestones and progress reporting guidelines
  Magic Mind works with SMEs to schedule information gathering sessions (contact with SMEs is kept to a minimum)
  Milestone and progress meetings with PMO to ensure project remains on track
  Magic Mind successfully presents project deliverables to PMO on schedule and within budget